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The characteristics of the EGR cooler

The function of the EGR Cooler:
Diesel engine... By reducing the combustion temperature, thus reducing Nox and PM, the emissions regulations.
Gasoline engine... Cooling high temperature exhaust gas, reduce pumping losses and improve the ignition timing, improve fuel consumption.
The company adopts full stainless steel vacuum welding, small high efficiency and has high temperature resistance, resistance to carbon deposition, seismic characteristics, corrosion resistance.
Scope of business:
Research and development, the production of internal combustion engine emission control device; Engaged in the product and its components, the production molds, jigs and automobile, engineering machinery with the radiator and its component parts wholesale, commission agency (excluding auction), import and export business (above goods does not involve the state-run trade management of import and export goods, involving quota and license administration of goods, shall be dealt with in accordance with relevant state regulations apply).(project subject to ratification, can operate only with the related department approval).

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