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1、EGR cooler for diesel engine
1-1、EGR cooler which is applied to large and medium-sized diesel engine
Market share is high and products are well-accepted.
In order to meet the requirements specific to commercial vehicle engine , we developed a variety of products such astube type, fin type and so on.
1-2、EGR cooler applied to small diesel engine
The development structure is latest, and realized portable and efficient.
Through the adoption of high corrosion resistant stainless steel materials (SUS), achieved thehigh reliability.
2、EGR cooler applied to gasoline engine
Through using the latest compact (VG) fin, realized low pressure loss and high efficiency.
Compact and light weight (compare with other companies 30% reduction) Performance will increase by 10% compared under the same gas pressure condition Reducing pumping losses, and fuel efficiency will also be improved.
Note: Calsonic Kansei (CK) and Tokyo radiator (TRS) joint research and development.
protection product
The target
Applies to the 4, 5, 6 emission regulations of the EGR cooler.
the routes for Diesel engine emissions .
(reduce NOx. PM), there exist an EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and common rail type high pressure fuel injection system, SCR system technology, etc.
The EGR Cooler system, by cooling gas to reduce the engine combustion temperature, then effectively reduce the effect of NOx.
① high performance & low impedance using unique shape Tube and Inner fin.
② the resistance to carbon deposition using Tube and Inner fin.
③ high strength * high corrosion resistance of nickel solder.
Tubular type
【ST type】
Plate heat exchanger type
[PT type]
Compact type type
[CT type]
EGR cooler system
Water cooled EGR cooler side • water side have excellent pressure resistance.
Along with the 5, 6 exhaust limit upgrade and development of the EGR cooler, in terms of performance, durability, volume, weight has been increased greatly.